Things to Consider Before Buying a New Garage Door

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Garage Door

Your garage door is the cornerstone of your home’s curb appeal and a major entrance to your residence. However, an older door may soon warrant a replacement. Thankfully, new doors offer longevity, monetary savings and a vast range of customizations. If you’re shopping for your next overhead door, the experts at Blankenship Garage Doors have developed the ultimate garage door buying guide. 

Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door

Replacing your current garage door could be a decision that sneaks up on you. With any luck — and with a quality door — you won’t have to do this too frequently. But if you suspect your door is wearing down, here are our biggest warning signs that might indicate it’s ready for a replacement:

  • Security: Your garage door is a crucial component of your home security. Faulty and old doors with cracks or defective hardware can be pried open with a crowbar more quickly than you’d expect. If for no other reason, it might be time to invest in a new overhead door for your home’s and family’s safety. Any other modifications may seem futile if this consideration is not met first. 
  • Outdated design: Even if your garage door is perfectly secure, it still might be time to retire it. The door style that once matched your exterior aesthetics or the latest trends might be more antiquated than you anticipated. If an outdated design is your problem, you can always browse our guide on renovating your garage door or check out new garage door styles to choose the right aesthetic for your home. A new door is often worth the investment compared to cheaper alternatives like refreshed exterior paint. 
  • Functionality: A garage door’s functionality gradually diminishes as it ages, and its stability will naturally be the first to go — but beyond that, it might also experience faults and breakdowns. You can extend your door’s life expectancy, but after a point, the repair costs and frequency of repairs will indicate it’s time to retire your old door. Yearly maintenance is a good way to maintain your door’s longevity while also properly assessing its life span, all with a trained professional’s help. 

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6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Garage Door

6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Garage Door

Accepting the loss of an old door may take some time, but picking out a new one can be exciting. The sky’s the limit with your range of choices. A new overhead door could be the final piece of the puzzle in creating exterior curb appeal. Here are six important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a garage door:

1. Installation 

While it may be tempting to DIY your installation to save some cash, hiring a professional will save you in the long run. You should never try to repair or install a door on your own. Your time and safety are valuable, so why try a DIY install when you can have one of our professionals install your garage door anywhere in the Central Oregon Area?

Contacting professionals saves time and ensures your safety. Additionally, you can have your old door opener replaced simultaneously.

One of the most influential components of a garage door installation is timing. With the state of the economy in 2021, many manufacturers may experience delays due to low inventory supplies — and the prices of certain materials have increased. We recommend connecting with a trusted and quality garage door company, like the expert installation team at Blankenship Garage Doors, to have greater peace of mind about your installation.

2. Windows

Windows are a fun part of designing your new door because of what they bring to your garage’s overall appearance and functionality. If you plan on spending ample time in your garage, your windows should be at the forefront of your design. 

For window functionality, consider the dimensions to accommodate your desired natural light admittance. Insulating the glass is a fitting addition to the garage door’s insulation to preserve your garage’s comfort.

3. Materials 

Most of your door’s value is in its materials. Its moving parts require regular maintenance, but the door itself also needs upkeep. Its longevity depends partly on its materials — steel often lasts longer than others. However, remember that a high-quality door from a trusted manufacturer can last for years no matter its materials.

If you choose steel, 24-gauge steel is preferable to prevent denting, especially if your door isn’t insulated. Anything less than 24-gauge results in a thinner door.

Aluminum doors are a prevalent choice in humid environments, as they resist rust and corrosion more easily. Steel is the most common choice overall, and it often comes with a greater selection of colors. Wood is a classic material for a garage door, and composite wood provides insulation and resistance to cracks and rot. It can also be painted. 

4. Thickness

Your door’s thickness will coincide with its material and insulation levels. Higher insulation levels retain heat and dampen sounds. If you choose a steel model, keep in mind most residential doors come in 24- to 26-gauge steel.

Options like the Clopay® CLASSIC™ STEEL doors come in one-, two- and three-layer constructions, while the CANYON RIDGE® CARRIAGE HOUSE model has a five-layer construction. Aluminum and wooden garage doors also have various layer options depending on their construction and insulation. 

5. Springs

The little components can majorly impact a door’s quality — like the springs. Residential models usually have a coiled torsion spring above the door. A standard torsion spring is rated for around 15,000 cycles, give or take a few years of use. Investing in heavy-duty springs can nearly double that life expectancy for a seemingly small initial investment, giving you even more years to enjoy your door.

6. Vibrations

You’ll want to minimize vibrations as much as possible to dampen your door’s sound level. One way to do this is by looking for nylon rollers that will move along the tracks effortlessly and are typically quieter than metal ones. As previously mentioned, a door’s insulation level will also largely impact its sound dampening — look for quality polyurethane insulation. Think about the door opener, too. Belt-driven openers tend to be quieter than their counterparts. 

Two important aspects of your garage door are how it sits in the up and down positions and how it moves between those two stages. Your door’s movement should be smooth and quiet. Some rattling is expected given the door’s weight and the motor’s age, but the door’s motion should pose no major issues.

Many factors play into a garage door’s stability — and therefore its vibrations — such as the garage garage door opener’s functionality, the roller materials or even the springs’ condition. If any of these components are faulty, others might also be nearing their life expectancy, so it’s worth considering a full replacement. 

How to Plan Ahead When Beginning the Garage Door Purchasing Process

When you’re ready to buy a new garage door, account for a few things first — like your budget. Establish how much you’re willing to invest in a garage door and what accessories you might need. Be prepared to spend more for quality, but remember that this purchase will last for years. The extra investment might save you more over time.

Measure the door’s dimensions — most will need 12-18 inches of clearance between the ceiling and door when in the open position. 

Contacting a licensed garage door distributor to plan the door’s logistics is a great way to ensure it meets your home’s needs. A distributor can also help design your door and any accessories, like windows, if you want to change your exterior’s current look. Most garage doors fit in stylistic categories of traditional, heritage or contemporary. 

Your licensed distributor can also help you determine the door’s insulation needs, which will impact the availability of certain designs for your home.

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Get a Free Estimate From Blankenship Garage Doors

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