Central Oregon Garage Door Cable & Pulley Replacements

Garage Door Cable & Pulley Replacement

You might not give your garage door cables much thought — until your door stops working! Properly functioning cables ensure the safe, efficient raising and lowering of a garage door. They also perform the critical role of preventing the door system’s high-tension springs from recoiling, which can pose a serious safety hazard. As with any mechanical device, garage door cables can malfunction or wear out over time, which can create the need for a cable replacement.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Garage Door Cable

In some cases, an improperly functioning cable is a matter of it slipping off the rollers. This can result from a broken torsion spring, a heavy object striking the garage door, a spring with the incorrect amount of tension or the installation of a wrong-sized cable and drums. In these situations, the cable will appear loose and will likely require tightening or reattaching.

In other cases, the cable may be worn or broken, which will require a cable replacement. A close visual inspection can determine if the cable is damaged — signs include fraying, wear or the presence of corrosion. There may also be damage to the pulley mechanism that enables the cable to move when opening or closing the garage door. If the pulley has faulty bearings, this can place additional strain on the cable and accelerate wear. In this case, the pulley will need to be replaced as well.

If the inspection reveals that the cable is intact, there is likely another issue that is causing the failure of the door to function. Many garage owners mistakenly believe that the cable is the problem, when it often turns out to be a broken spring.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Cable

A garage door cable replacement is a multi-step process that entails removing the old cable, running the new cable along the door opening, winding it over the drum and securing it in place. You’ll also need to test the new cable by opening and closing the door several times to ensure it is functioning properly.

While it’s possible to perform a DIY cable replacement, most garage door and home improvement experts do not recommend it. Cables, pulleys and springs operate under high tension, and one misstep could cause them to snap, leading to injury. The smartest (and safest) move is to contact an experienced garage door company like Blankenship Garage Doors to give you a proper consultation and garage door cable replacement. 

Call Blankenship Garage Doors for Your Garage Door Cable Replacement Needs in Central Oregon

If you’re in the Central Oregon area and need to fix a broken garage door cable, contact the experts at Blankenship Garage Doors for prompt, professional assistance. We’ve been providing fast, reliable residential garage door services for more than 20 years. You can trust us to perform a safe, affordable cable replacement — and we guarantee our work. We’re a locally owned, family-oriented company that treats every customer with courtesy and respect.

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