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Commercial Garage Door Operators

Garage doors are an integral piece of your business operations. They welcome guests, let you send and receive shipments and bring your workers in and out.

Commercial doors have to be strong for security's sake and are often heavy. Since they might raise and lower numerous times throughout the day, only a top-quality garage door opener will do — anything less slows your service and can break down unexpectedly.

Whether you need a commercial operator for sectional doors or rolling doors, we have dependable products for countless applications, including maintanence bays and delivery areas. Blankenship Garage Doors can help your business find and install a convenient and efficient door opener that streamlines your productivity.

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The Commercial Garage Door Openers We Offer

Blankenship Garage Doors carries the most reliable products from LiftMaster. These mechanisms are easy to install, operate effortlessly and won't create excessive noise.

Ask us about equipping your facility with one of these commercial garage door openers:

  • LJ8900W: A wall-mounted, light-duty door operator ideal for smaller sectional doors and lower-range cycle requirements. It features smooth start and stop operations to extend the hardware life.
  • MH Hoist: This medium-duty operator for sectional doors has a chain hoist with an electric interlock for manual operation in an emergency.
  • MJ Jackshaft: Medium-duty and versatile for both vertical sectional doors and small rolling doors and grilles. It has a floor-level disconnect for emergency manual lifting.
  • MT Trolley: A medium-duty, ceiling-mounted operator that's designed to attach directly to sectional overhead doors. The springs can disengage for easy manual operation.

Cutting-Edge Convenience With LiftMaster Technology

If your business runs on a busy schedule, it can benefit from several of LiftMaster's advanced functionalities. Take advantage of these available safety and connectivity features for a modernized approach to your commercial operations:

  • MyQ®: The LJ8900W integrates with smart devices through Wi-Fi and sends notifications about the door's status. If you run large-scale operations, MyQ Business Facility gives you cloud-based control and monitoring for all your opener devices.
  • Battery backups: When you add these units, you can ensure access when there's no power.
  • Timer to close programming: Models with this capability can automatically lower the door once a span of 5 to 60 seconds has passed.
  • Security+ 2.0®: Built-in, 3-channel receivers can program up to 20 LiftMaster remotes that send a secure signal with each press.
  • Commercial Protector System®: For extra safeguards on the job against accidental closings, the doors auto-reverse if they detect an obstruction.

Why Choose Blankenship Garage Doors?

Experience matters, regardless of the industry. Blankenship Garage Doors has been trusted since 1996 and is a member of the Central Oregon Builders Association and International Door Association.

Our team will evaluate the needs of your commercial operations and our technicians can install and wire your order. And in the unexpected circumstance that your garage door opener malfunctions, we'll be there quickly with our emergency repair services so you can return to business as usual. We're happy to help with routine and preventative maintanence as well.

Request a free service estimate for your organization today or call us at 541-383-2658.

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