Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Products in Bend, OR


Today, businesses have more options for commercial garage door products than ever before. Whether your key consideration is security, visibility or practicality, Blankenship Garage Doors has a range of solutions for your needs.
At your business, your doors are crucial for keeping your space safe and preventing pests from entering. The right doors can help you control your heating and energy bills and enjoy greater peace of mind, no matter what commercial activities happen on your premises.
Commercial Door Products
Blankenship Garage Doors is pleased to offer a range of commercial garage doors and commercial door products, including:

Architectural series: These doors can be customized with frosted glass or full-view glass, giving your space a modern look.
Counter doors and shutters: Close up counters, ticket booths, kiosks and other indoor spaces with these sturdy shutters.
Energy series: Sturdy steel exteriors with embossing make these heavy-duty doors ideal for manufacturing and warehouse applications or wherever durability is needed.
Energy series with Intellicore: These heavy-duty commercial garage doors include insulation for added energy-efficiency.
Industrial Series: Perfect for farms, loading docks, manufacturing areas and warehousing, these industrial-ready doors can be customized with colors and flush, raised or ribbed panels.
Roll-up sheet doors: Sheets doors are ideal for warehouse areas or self-serve storage spaces. They can be customized with your brand’s color.
Security grilles: For interior spaces like malls, grilles allow security cameras and security guards to look in. They also allow air circulation for sensitive cargo.
Service doors: Service doors are attractive enough to be used in conference centers, arenas and other indoor spaces where you may need to partition larger areas.

Door Opener Products for Your Business
Blankenship Garage Doors also offers a range of garage door openers:

H751L5R: MyQ®-enabled, this continuous-duty hoist operator is sturdy enough for industrial doors.
LJ8900W: Designed for lighter commercial doors, this commercial door opener is built with quality materials and comes with a two-year warranty.
MH Hoist: This door operator is ideal for vertical or high sectional doors because it mounts on the wall. Designed for lighter commercial doors, it allows emergency manual operation.
MJ Jackshaft: This door operator is designed for lighter commercial doors and features a wall mount. With floor-level disconnect and a programmable integrated circuit board, it’s ready for a range of commercial applications.
MT Trolley: This ceiling-mount door operator links directly to the door and is ideal for sectional overhead doors.

Blankenship Garage Doors also offers a range of specialty products, including chain hoists, pass doors and breakaway bottom doors. If your business needs garage doors or accessories to help you protect inventory, trucks, a fleet of cars or anything else, we have you covered with customizable solutions that will help reinforce your property and your brand.

Our garage doors are built to last, even in tough commercial environments. Whether you need to protect a kiosk indoors or need garage doors for a loading bay, contact Blankenship Garage Doors for a free estimate. We’ve been helping Oregon businesses since 1996, and we’d be happy to find solutions for you too.