Garage Door Opener Controls

Garage Door Opener Controls in Central Oregon

A sturdy garage door and lock are the basics for security. And with innovative garage door opener accessories, your garage becomes not just safer but also more convenient. Accessories such as remote control and keyless entry bring you peace of mind and save you time.

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Blankenship Garage Doors can help you find the right accessories to make sure your garage door meets your needs. We can help you choose the right options because we stay up-to-date with tech innovations in this field. Our professionals will install your chosen entry system on your schedule to make the process convenient for you.

Garage Door Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry provides a lot of flexibility for garage doors by offering unique PINs and even multiple PINs. Whether you’re driving a rental or want a friend or neighbor to access your garage while you’re away, unique codes let you do so. Even if you lose your remote control or key, a keyless entry system has you covered. Just enter your PIN and enter your garage at any time.

Today’s keyless entry systems are even wireless, ensuring you don’t have to worry about wiring your garage if it’s separate from your home. A secure cover keeps the keypad protected from the elements for years of use and lit-up numbers let you access your garage in the middle of the night if you need to.

Garage Door Remote Controls and Benefits

With a garage door remote control, opening your gates, garage doors or MyQ®-enabled lighting accessories is as simple as pushing a button. When you do, a secure code is sent to the door or gate operator. With a secure code and no keys involved, you save time and your entry is secure. You don’t have to worry about leaving your keys in the door or losing them.

Blankenship Garage Doors offers remote controls with small footprints and impressive durability, providing you with years of worry-free access to your gates, garages and other entry systems with one remote.

Finding the Right Garage Door Accessory

Whether you’re looking for a remote control for your garage, a keyless system or another accessory, you’ll want something that fits your lifestyle and needs. Blankenship Garage Doors can help. Our small, professional team offers the friendly and personalized service you need. We can offer our honest opinion and guide you through your options.

Our specialty is garage doors, including commercial and residential models. This means every member of our team knows about garage door products and has the expertise to help you.

At Blankenship Garage Doors, no job is too small or too big. Whether you need a basic remote for one garage or you have multiple garage doors and gates to open, we have accessories and solutions for you. From choosing the right products to taking care of every detail of installation, Blankenship Garage Doors is here when you need us.

Since 1996, we’ve been helping homeowners enjoy more functional and secure garage doors. We’re a member of the International Door Association and the Central Oregon Builders Association. To find out more about us or get a quote, contact us today. Or, check out our glowing testimonials.

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