Central Oregon Residential Garage Door Service

Blankenship Garage Doors has been offering residential garage door services in central Oregon since 1996. We stand by our work and offer personable and professional services from a team of experts who specialize in garage doors. Our garage door service offerings include:

1. Broken Spring Replacement

Your garage door may contain torsion springs or extension springs. Either of these can get worn down over time and eventually they can break. When they do, your door may not close or may close heavily or unevenly. You may hear a loud bang when the spring finally breaks and you’ll almost certainly have trouble opening your garage door.

Springs are essential for proper and safe operation. If a spring is broken, you will want to replace it immediately. Failure to do so can mean your garage door gets stuck or the top part of the door gets bent. A broken spring can cause the garage door to open and close unpredictably, creating a hazard.

2. Cable Replacement

Cables help lift your garage door up and down and keep the springs functioning correctly. If your cable has fallen off the rollers or has broken, you may not be able to open or close your garage door. Worse, opening and closing your door will become unsafe, which is why you’ll want to contact Blankenship Garage Doors for immediate help.

3. Garage Door Installation

Attractive garage doors can improve your home’s curb appeal and add value to your home. Since you likely use your garage each day, the right doors can save you time and make the process of driving in and out of your property more convenient.

In many homes, the garage is directly connected to the house or contains valuable tools, bikes and toys. The right garage doors are important because they keep your home and property safer from break-ins, drafts and pests.

4. Garage Door Maintenance

While quality garage doors don’t require lots of maintenance, you will want to occasionally lubricate the rollers and other parts of the doors, replace the weatherstripping, balance the doors and perform other tasks. This basic maintenance ensures your doors perform at their best for years to come. We’ll help with these and other maintenance tasks, saving you time.

5. Garage Door Repair

Whether you can’t get into your garage and don’t know what’s wrong or you see there’s a problem with the lock, rollers or other parts of your garage doors¸ we’ll handle any repairs — including dents and visible damage, strange noises and other common garage door issues.

6. Garage Door Replacement

All garage doors eventually wear out. They get outdated or they no longer provide the insulation or the look you want. Eventually, some garage doors may start to require more frequent repairs, so replacement makes economic sense.

If you need residential garage door service in central Oregon, contact Blankenship Garage Doors to find out more about us or check out our testimonials. We’re also happy to offer free quotes to our prospective customers.

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