Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is a Bad Idea Many homeowners enjoy the challenge of do-it-yourself home improvement projects. Taking on the right job independently can save you money and provide entertainment, as well as a sense of accomplishment. However, some projects are best left to professionals — garage door repair is one of these. When your garage door stops working, you might be tempted to try and fix it yourself, but DIY garage door repairs can be both difficult and dangerous. Here are four serious reasons you should call a professional instead of trying this project on your own. […]

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Garage Fire Safety Tips

Garage Fire Safety Tips Though many homeowners spend time fireproofing their homes, it’s easy to forget about the garage. However, making your garage fire-safe is an essential part of protecting your family and your home from fire damage. Garage fires are more dangerous and more costly than fires starting in other areas of the home. In fact, garage fires result in an average of 30 deaths, 400 injuries and $457 million in property loss every year in the United States. Garage fires also tend to spread faster than other home fires, which makes it even more important to keep them from […]

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How to Detect Garage Door Scams

How to Detect Garage Door Scams When your garage door stops working, you need to find someone who can help with repairs fast. Ideally, you would be able to find a reputable repair service right away. Unfortunately, however, some people are eager to take advantage of homeowners in need of emergency repairs, so it’s important to remain vigilant when choosing a repair company. When you search for a repair service online, it’s possible that you’ll come across scam companies designed to lure in desperate customers and overcharge for unnecessary repairs. In order to protect yourself from potentially costly charges, use […]

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What Could Be Wrong With My Garage Door?

What Could Be Wrong With My Garage Door? With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to tell what’s wrong with your garage door when it’s stopped working. Though you can solve some common garage door problems on your own, others may require a professional to fix safely. If you’re having problems with your automatic garage door, you need to know what’s causing them before you decide on a course of action. Here are seven things that could be going wrong. 1. The Photo Eyes Aren’t Aligned Today, most garage doors have two small photo eyes attached to either […]

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How to Know When You Need Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door not operating as smoothly, efficiently and reliably as it used to? Most homeowners use their garage doors every day to easily leave and enter their homes. But with constant use, experiencing garage door wear and tear is normal. The best way to know when you need garage door repairs — to prevent inconvenient and potentially hazardous garage door breakage — is to note any unusual operation or sounds that may indicate trouble. Do You Need Garage Door Repairs? While garage doors are designed and constructed to perform dependably for up to 20 years with proper maintenance […]

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Can I Replace a Damaged Panel of My Garage Door?

Early one morning, you’re running late for work and didn’t have time to make any coffee before leaving. Quickly getting into the car and throwing the car into reverse, you lose your train of thought for a moment and back the car right into your garage door. Once you gather your thoughts and retreat to safety, you may wonder how you should attempt to fix the garage door. Your garage door is one of the most important features of your home. The door provides protection for stored items and facilitates safe entry, so having your door quickly repaired after experiencing damage is […]

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Do I Need Insulated Garage Doors in Oregon?

Oregon is one of the most scenic and temperate locations in the country to call home. But with such ideal temperatures and weather conditions, do local homeowners need to invest in additional energy efficiency products and upgrades? One of the main reasons why homeowners are encouraged to check out insulated garage doors is for improving energy efficiency during variable climates. And while Oregon temperatures are rarely extreme with blistering heat waves or freezing conditions, average temperatures throughout the state can reach above 80 degrees or dip into the 20s. During these temperature shifts, you’ll want to ensure your indoor environments […]

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Do I Really Need Garage Door Maintenance?

Many homeowners make the mistake of not having their garage doors and openers regularly inspected by a professional, which can lead to costly repairs and inconveniences — like being stuck outside of your garage or stranded inside of it. The garage door is likely the most accessed entrance of your home, and you want to ensure your garage door is working efficiently, reliably and safely.  To keep your garage door in pristine operational condition, garage door professionals recommend having a trained technician perform routine maintenance at least once every year. By having regular garage door maintenance, you can improve safety […]

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Spring

3 Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Spring Winter months can be harsh in Central Oregon, and the cold temperatures, precipitation and winds can take a toll on your home. Come early spring, you may see some wear-and-tear on your home, especially when it comes to your garage doors and the inside of your garage. Take advantage of the milder climate to restore your home’s curb appeal and make any necessary repairs. How to Prepare Your Garage for Spring At Blankenship Garage Doors, our focus is your garage. In addition to sprucing up the appearance of your garage after a […]

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