Can I Replace a Damaged Panel of My Garage Door?


Can I Replace a Damaged Panel of My Garage Door?

Replacing Your Damaged Garage Door Panel

Early one morning, you’re running late for work and didn’t have time to make any coffee before leaving. Quickly getting into the car and throwing the car into reverse, you lose your train of thought for a moment and back the car right into your garage door. Once you gather your thoughts and retreat to safety, you may wonder how you should attempt to fix the garage door.

Your garage door is one of the most important features of your home. The door provides protection for stored items and facilitates safe entry, so having your door quickly repaired after experiencing damage is crucial. Restoring your garage door to its pristine and sturdy condition after an impact or other incident is simple depending on the damage to your door. Most damages occur on the bottom panels of garage doors and can be easily fixed by replacing the garage door panels. A professional garage door panel replacement service can help you make those repairs. 

Replace Your Damaged Garage Door Panel

How to Know When to Replace Garage Door Panels

After your garage door has been impacted or heavily damaged, you may assume the only method to fix the panels is to replace the entire system. However, depending on the extent of the damage, replacing the affected garage door panels may be the best solution. Garage door panel replacement is the ideal repair option for your damaged garage door if:

  • The manufacturer of your garage door still produces the make and model of your door. If your home features an older model, obtaining the proper panels and hardware may be difficult and expensive.
  • Only one or two panels were damaged. If three or more panels of your garage door were impacted, then replacement may be more costly than installing an entirely new door.
  • The damage to your garage door is primarily cosmetic. If your garage door still performs reliably and smoothly, then consider panel replacement if the only harm includes peeling paint, denting, cracks or surface corrosion.

Professionals Can Quickly Determine The Condition Of Your GarageDoor

When you trust a professional garage door repair company to inspect your system, they’ll be able to quickly determine the condition of your door and recommend garage door panel repair or replacement options depending on your needs and budget.

Garage Door Panel Repair vs. Full Garage Door Replacement

Sometimes The Damage Is Too Severe And Garage Door Replacement May Be Needed

Sometimes, the damage to your garage door is too severe for practical and efficient repairs and garage door replacement is the best option. To determine if you would benefit from a garage door replacement, consider:

  • The age and quality of your garage door.
  • If additional pieces of hardware are damaged.
  • If the expenses for repairing your existing door exceeds the cost of purchasing a new garage door.

Sometimes you might question whether you’ll need a repair or a replacement. In those cases, you should reach out to a trusted service that can guide you towards the best option for your situation. 

Trust a Professional for All of Your Garage Door Panel Replacements & Repairs

No matter which replacement and repair option best suits your needs and budget, garage door repairs should always be performed by a professional. Garage doors are one of the largest pieces of moving equipment in your home and operate under an extreme amount of tension. Homeowners who attempt to make repairs themselves could be at risk for severe personal and property injury. By trusting a professional garage door technician to perform quality repairs, you’ll also ensure:

  • You’re properly adhering to specific insurance policy repair guidelines.
  • The door was repaired safely and correctly according to manufacturer instructions and without damaging other garage door parts.
  • Lasting peace of mind, with service and labor warranties often offered by professional garage door repair companies.

A professional service will let you avoid the dangers of DIY garage door panel replacement and ensure your garage door is fixed the right way. You’ll be confident that you and your home will be safe and that your garage door will be effective. 


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