The Durability and Benefits of Steel Doors

Installing the right garage door helps protect your property and provides several other benefits. Today’s options include wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, composite and steel, all of which have their own distinct appeal. 

Steel garage doors are a popular choice for many people looking for a robust, attractive solution. Learn more about their advantages and what you can expect with a steel garage door installation.

Durability — Steel’s Main Advantage

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, steel garage doors are inherently strong and designed to withstand impact from heavy winds and other natural forces. The strength of a given design is determined by how many layers it features:

  • Single-layer: A cost-effective and simple steel door construction
  • Double-layer: Includes a layer of polystyrene behind the steel for greater durability
  • Triple-layer: Features thermal insulation sandwiched between two steel layers for more toughness and energy efficiency

Thanks to the ruggedness of steel, these garage doors are made to last and provide an excellent return on investment.

Other Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

Along with being naturally resilient, steel doors come with other advantages:

  • Easy maintenance: Compared to other materials like wood, steel garage doors require little upkeep.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Steel doors are sleek and attractive, and they have a positive impact on curb appeal. You can even find versions with a faux wood finish to complement a specific aesthetic.
  • Value: Steel doors are affordable yet durable, ensuring safety and security for residential and commercial properties. 
  • Energy efficiency: Insulated steel promotes energy efficiency to help reduce utility bills.
  • Damage resistance: Steel doors resist fire, warping, corrosion, rotting, rusting and cracking. They also perform well in adverse weather.
  • Customization potential: You can order a custom steel garage door to complement your property. Options include different panel colors, matte or gloss finishes, and adding windows and handles. Try our customization tool to see what’s possible!

How to Maintain a Steel Garage Door

Routine inspections and maintenance extend your garage door’s life, especially when performed before and after seasonal changes. Going through the following steps between professional inspections will help you catch and correct any potential issues early:

  • Listen for unusual sounds: Creaking, cracking, scraping and other sounds may signal a mechanical issue.
  • Check all moving components: The tracks, cables and springs are prone to wear and tear and should be inspected for damage. If you see something wrong with a spring, call a professional promptly, as trying to handle it on your own could be dangerous.

Blankenship Garage Doors provides expert maintenance services to keep your steel garage door in optimal condition. 

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