Pros and Cons of Roll-Up Garage Doors

There are two primary styles of doors to choose from when outfitting your home or business with a new one — sectional or roll-up garage doors. 

Sectional overhead garage doors are common, with many homeowners choosing them. There are also commercial versions of sectional doors available. They feature construction with wide panels and run-on tracks that keep them parallel to the ceiling when open. 

Roll-up garage doors comprise roll-up sheet doors and rolling steel doors. These options have no tracks. Instead, they coil tightly into a roll near the roof just inside the garage. Roll-up sheet doors feature one large piece of steel, while a rolling steel door has numerous metal slats. Learning about these styles’ benefits and drawbacks can help you make a better decision for your home or business.

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Advantages of Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up steel garage doors offer advantages like:

  • Space savings: Because these doors coil, there’s no need for extended space to mount tracks. That ability makes them ideal for home garages with limited clearance. It also makes them perfect for commercial buildings where lighting or HVAC equipment may be present overhead.
  • Extended durability: Steel is a highly durable material that can withstand heavy use. Plus, it’s resistant to insects and the elements for extra peace of mind.
  • Enhanced security: Roll-up doors typically offer more protection for your home or business than traditional sectional doors. The sturdy material and construction help safeguard against fire, intruders and even vandalism.
  • Increased value: These options are low-maintenance, so they don’t need frequent attention or repairs. Their long life spans and fewer upkeep needs help maximize your investment.

Business owners can pair their roll-up doors with high-performance commercial operators for faster cycling. These doors can handle high-volume traffic and help boost productivity.

Drawbacks of Roll-Up Garage Doors

When deciding if a roll-up door is right for your home or business, consider the cons, such as:

  • Higher cost: Roll-up doors are sometimes more expensive than traditional sectional garage doors. Expect to pay more for upgraded options, like high-performance models.
  • Limited customizability: These styles generally offer fewer ways to tailor the door than traditional garage doors. Those seeking more decorative opportunities may be happier with a conventional sectional door with higher customizability.
  • Unique aesthetics: Roll-up doors create a one-of-a-kind appearance for your structure’s exterior. The practical and industrial look may not complement every home or business.

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