How to Get the Most Secure Garage Doors

Garage door security is critical since you keep valuables inside, including your vehicles, and attached garages provide direct access to your home. Learn more about which protection tactics you can use to secure your garage doors today!

Are Garage Doors With Windows Safe?

Having windows on your garage doors is safe, especially if you take the right precautions. Most overhead doors have high enough windows that people can’t see inside or easily get in through them. You can also choose double-pane glass to help increase your garage’s safety.

If you want to secure your garage door windows even more, consider frosting them. This treatment prevents people from seeing what types of vehicles, tools or other equipment you have inside. Another benefit of frosted windows is that they allow natural light in while keeping prying eyes out.

Tips to Ensure the Security of Your Garage

While frosting windows is an effective way to make your garage door safer, there are plenty of other methods. Follow these tips to enhance the safety of your overhead door:

1. Take Your Garage Door Opener Remote With You

Many people choose to keep their remotes in their cars at all times. While this might be convenient, it can entice a burglar or thief to break into your vehicle to get ahold of it. You can take extra precautions by carrying your opener in your coat or bag when leaving your car.

2. Install Security Cameras

Adding cameras outside your garage acts as a deterrent for thieves or burglars. Many people know that security cameras can pick up their clothes and facial features, making it much harder to get away with a crime. You can choose a camera system that is right for your home — motion-activated ones are often a great option.

3. Use Motion-Sensor Floodlights

Outdoor lights that automatically turn on when they detect movement also increase garage safety. When the lights come on, many criminals are frightened enough that they don’t dare try to enter. Floodlights can also help you and your family feel more secure at home because it is easier to see the area around your garage.

Trust Us for Securing Garage Doors at Your Home

At Blankenship Garage Doors, we provide installation and repair services for homeowners in the area. We sell high-security garage doors from Clopay®, a top-rated brand that offers durable and safe overhead doors in numerous styles and materials. Contact us online to start making your garage safer today!

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