Should I Renovate My Garage Door?

While a functioning garage door is essential, if you drive up to your garage and the door doesn’t look as stunning as it once did, you need a renovation. Maybe you never notice your garage door’s appearance or aren’t sure if a renovation is right for your home. In that case, you’ll need some reasons to upgrade your garage door. Find answers to why you should renovate your garage door below.

How to Upgrade a Garage Door

When it comes to renovating your garage door, you have a handful of options for what you can change and the scale of the project. You can either work with your existing door or get a new door entirely. Upgrades to your garage door will let you:

  • Change the color: Choose a single neutral color to revamp the look of your garage door. You may even want to choose a color that complements your house’s exterior to make it appear larger.
  • Add hardware: If you want to add to your transformed garage door or subtly change the look, add hardware in a contrasting color. Two vertical handles in the center can give the look of a carriage house door, while a horizontal handle at the bottom will add a useful detail of color and texture.
  • Pick a new material: From steel and wood to a combination of aluminum and glass, the materials in a garage door can influence the overall look of the door. Certain materials suit different home styles, so consider your home’s overall look as you choose.
  • Try a new style: If you want a new garage door look, why not go with something completely new? Try a sophisticated and rustic carriage house door, or break up your house’s facade with windows in your garage door.

Reasons to Upgrade a Garage Door

With various ways to upgrade your garage door, there also are plenty of reasons to do so. The benefits of a new or renovated garage door include the ability to:

1. Improve Curb Appeal

A garage door can take up about 30% of a home’s facade. With such a large space on your home to work with, a renovation can have dramatic results for your curb appeal. Improving the curb appeal of your home can make you happier with the look of your house. You can feel a sense of pride with your transformed garage door, falling in love with your home all over again.

Improving your curb appeal is also a great solution for homeowners looking to sell in the future. While what’s inside your house will also matter, the first impression your home makes to potential buyers is the view from the street. If you have a garage door with broken windows, chipped paint or other unsightly issues, a potential buyer may not feel welcomed. They want a home that’s beautiful and ready to go, and a refreshed or renovated garage door can do the trick.

2. Change the Style of Your Home

Because your garage door is such a significant component of your home’s exterior, it influences the overall style of your house. If you’re looking to make a change in how your home looks on the outside, don’t forget about your garage. Whether you want to restore your home to its previous classic style, upgrade it into the modern age or refresh it with new colors, including the garage door in your renovation is a must.

Some style changes may call for an entirely new garage door, especially if you’re going from a traditional to modern look or vice versa. If you’re altering the color of your home’s exterior, renovating your garage door can help it change with your home and emphasize your new intended aesthetic.

3. Increase the Value of Your Home

Potential buyers will love the look of your renovated garage door and exterior, and that means they may pay more. When you get a new garage door or repair and renovate yours, you bring these benefits to the value of your home:

  • An insulated garage door makes your home more energy efficient, and green initiatives and money-saving upgrades are important for many home buyers.
  • A new garage door or refurbishing your door shows your care and attention to detail for your home.
  • You solve safety and security problems when you repair your garage door, which makes potential home buyers feel safe.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, a garage door replacement delivers the highest return on investment in terms of home projects and resale value. In 2019, the national average for the recovered cost of a garage door replacement was 97.5%, the highest of 22 home remodeling projects.

Remodeling Magazine also measures regional data, and in the Pacific, the average recovered cost was 123.8%. That means homeowners in the Pacific region with new garage doors made their money back and then some.

4. Get a Better Quality Door

Here’s one of the biggest benefits of a new garage door. An older door may be visually unappealing and unsafe. If you upgrade your door with a replacement, you can eliminate the issues that come with an older door, like:

  • Unevenness
  • A faulty opening system
  • Poor insulating abilities

Some of those fixes will come with a total replacement that includes your garage door and the opener system. Your needs may not be that extreme. When an expert inspects and replaces your garage door, they’ll have insight into whether you need a total replacement.

Repairing or Renovating vs. Replacing Your Door

You may not have severe issues with your current garage door. Maybe you just want it to have a new or refreshed style. In that case, you may save on cost with renovations if you’re content with the material and look of your current door.

An older or damaged door may present more problems. There may be aesthetic and functional components that aren’t looking and working as they should. Professional garage door repairs and services are an option, but a professional can evaluate whether the right choice for you would be a repair or an entirely new door.

Replace Your Garage Door With Blankenship Garage Doors

If seeing the benefits of a new garage door has you envisioning a renovation for your home, we at Blankenship Garage Doors can help. We transform customers’ homes in Central Oregon with high-quality residential garage doors in a wide array of styles. For more than 20 years, we’ve brought durability, performance and stylish products to our customers, and we’d be delighted to transform your home with the same level of quality.

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